Women’s Financial Inclusion

CGAP, a specialized think tank within the World Bank Group that focuses on financial inclusion, ranks the top-10 blog each year. In 2019, pi STRATEGY’s article on Women’s Financial Inclusion was ranked among the top-10. The article leverages the Firm’s HCD-based research on how social commerce might unlock a new avenue for financial inclusion for women and contribute to closing the gender gap.


An overwhelming majority of online sellers and shoppers in Bangladesh are women. Yet CGAP’s research shows that barriers to participating in formal e-commerce, such as the need for a bank account, drive many women into buying and selling on social networks and messaging apps. CGAP’s Yasmin Bin-Humam and pi Strategy’s Pial Islam argue that linking mobile money to this informal type of e-commerce could advance women’s financial inclusion.


 Click here to read the article on the CGAP website.