Our idea of a team is simple, and reflective on how we view ideal management practices to be. This is captured with three simple guiding principles:

  • a culture driven only by meritocracy – providing an intellectually challenging and engaging work environment that allows each of us to grow personally and professionally
  • an unwavering commitment to social responsibility that is deeply enrooted in anything and everything we do – encompassing our responsibility to the community we live in, to our country, and to our environment
  • an equitable and diverse work place – that also enables us to foster a socially engaging and fun work environment

You will begin to experience the pi STRATEGY difference at every interaction with us: from your very first interview, through each and every work, social and community engagement, to your last day with us (and as you enter a distinguished alumni network of the Firm).

You will experience this difference in ‘small’ ways: taking part in our Fuel Your Passion program that allows you to spend 10% of your work hours towards any topic that is of interest to you and one other associate. You will also experience this difference in ‘big’ ways: you will engage with senior management at our distinguished list of client organizations where your ideas will be listened to, your advice considered, and your recommendations explored for implementation.