The 3.14 Approach

The 3.14 approach is an articulation of the strategy adopted by pi STRATEGY to communicate its value proposition. The three core competencies of the Firm converge on one focused mandate through its four practice areas.

The three core competencies are: innovation, strategy and user centered design. Innovation is at the heart of what we specialize in. Our Innovation Framework focuses on three facets: distinctiveness, creative process, and impact. This framework is used extensively to guide all our client engagements, as we devise various approaches for our clients to innovate on business models, products, services, and processes. Strategy design for us is as much about what paths to follow, as it is what paths not to follow. And it is always founded on facts and insights generated through rigorous research and analysis. The user centered design principles we adopt squarely places the end user at the center of all activities. While we explore multiple avenues to craft strategies that harness innovations for our clients, we invariably ask a fundamental question: what value does it really bring to the end user of this client. Unless there is concrete value proposition for the end user, that value is not sustained over a long period of time.

The mandate is creating social value.We are a Firm that takes solving social problems quite seriously. Each and every client engagement we are involved with has to have a direct link to creating social value, especially for the less advantaged base of the pyramid population among us. We have assisted clients expand mobile financial services to the unbanked. We have assisted clients design health insurance products for people who make less than two dollars a day. We have also turned down engagements where the link to social value creation was unclear.

The four practice areas are: defining growth strategies, developing business models, generating client insights, and designing prototypes and pilots. For more details on our practice areas, read this separate section of our website.