The people behind pi STRATEGY constitute a formidable dimension of its competitive advantage. The Firm is structured into two interconnected teams.

The Strategy Team predominantly focuses on business advisory roles on client engagements. From conducting secondary research and KIIs to being involved with immersive HCD-based primary research and intensive analysis of scenarios, business cases, and innovative business models, the Strategy Team forms a core part of pi STRATEGY engagements. Most of the people in the Strategy Team have business degrees or engineering degrees, and often both, from leading academic institutions such as IBA-DU and BUET.

The Technology Team plays a dual role. First, they contribute to the Firm’s business strategy engagements by unpacking, evaluating and innovating on technology levers that catalyze a client’s business aspirations. Second, the Technology Team forms an integral component of the Firm’s independent digital business, called Within they are involved with actually building a wide array of digital products – whether they are big data analytics platforms or award-winning mobile platforms. Most of the people in the Technology Team have engineering degrees from leading academic institutions.