pi Fellows Network

With the objective to bring leading edge thought capital and practical knowledge from a global perspective to our clients, pi STRATEGY has established a group with exceptionally talented young professionals – called the pi Fellows Network.

While our International Advisory Committee (called Friends of the Firm) includes global thought leaders who bring several decades of senior-level management experience, the Fellows are a younger group of people with several years of mid-level management experience. And unlike our International Partner Firms who solely provide consulting services in each of the emerging market regions, the Fellows hold day-jobs with various organizations around the world while informally contributing to our collective knowledge capital on various issue-based subject areas. In addition, the Fellows will make themselves available for direct contributions towards select pi STRATEGY initiatives – bringing to bear their global knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to some of our local client engagements.

Our Fellows have a widely diverse set of academic, professional and personal backgrounds. However, they have three key elements in common. Firstly, they are exceptionally talented young people. Most of them have degrees from top institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Cambridge and MIT. Secondly, they are making significant contributions in their respective fields with top global organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF, World Economic Forum, strategy consulting firms and as entrepreneurs. Last and most importantly, they share a common passion to help improve the lives of the less fortunate at the ‘base of the pyramid’ with innovative and sustainable initiatives.

We invite you to meet our Fellows.