About Us

pi STRATEGY is a professional services firm committed to bringing leading edge management thinking to emerging economies, and sharing the best ideas from emerging economies with the rest of the world. And we strive to achieve this in the most socially responsible manner possible.

Our name comes from the Greek character Π, which denotes a mathematical constant, 3.14159…, that is also a transcendental number, meaning that no finite sequence of algebraic operation or integers can be equal to its value. We are particularly drawn to this definition of a constant that’s never the same.

Much like this definition, we strongly believe that that no two problems an organization faces are the same, and no two solutions, therefore, are ever the same. Therefore, we look at each client situation as a realm of its own and strive to find multiple options that are totally dependent on that unique situation.

We also believe that the identification of a set of options requires effective collaboration at multiple levels. The first and most important level is the collaboration with the clients. Our clients know their businesses and organizations the best. It is therefore critical for us to incorporate their viewpoints at every stage of an engagement.

The next level of collaboration happens with regards to knowledge capital. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. Therefore, we cast our net far and wide to scan leading practices that transcends geographical boundaries. We have a distinguished network of international advisors (called Friends of the Firm), a Fellows network and Partner Consultants from around the world. They each bring strong value-add to our client engagements. Some of them act as formal advisors, some as informal advisors and others as active partners.