Monopolies too can leverage customer-centricity as a strategy to enhance their operational effectiveness

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Bangladesh showcases multi-faceted innovations with one of the five largest programs in the world

Safety Net Programs

Many things around us can offer lessons in strategy – especially a movie like Life of PI

Strategy Lessons

Encouraging BOP-centric new product design at a by-invitation-only event of Silicon Valley luminaries

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An exceptionally talented local team, supplemented by a network of global experts, drive our value proposition

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Micro is BIG

Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins; which of the two has the grander view? This question posed by Victor Hugo captures the essence of the contrast underscored in this article: some of the smallest of ideas can appear big, and have bigger impact, if seen through the right lens. Three prominent examples with relevance to emerging economies are discussed here.



Government of India Workshop, New Delhi, India: The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, along with UNDP India jointly organized a workshop titled “International Workshop on Enhancing Delivery of Government to People Payments for Rural Areas”. pi Strategy Consulting was invited to present a paper at this conference on its work in Bangladesh with streamlining a G2P program of the Government of Bangladesh. The workshop was attended by subject matter experts as well as the Minister of Rural Development of the Government of India.



pi Strategy Consulting connects leading edge management practices with development priorities through innovative design thinking principles. The Firm’s 3.14 approach encapsulates its value proposition across three vectors: capabilities, focus area, and service offerings.