A market-based B2C business model can co-exist with Government and NGO offerings to expand the reach

Health Insurance

Is it the next best thing to sliced bread, or, the next Rana Plaza waiting to happen?

Mobile Banking

Many things around us can offer lessons in strategy – especially a movie like Life of PI

Strategy Lessons

Presenting the keynote paper on innovations in government programs at an event at the Prime Minister’s Office

Thought Leadership

An exceptionally talented local team, supplemented by a network of global experts, drive our value proposition

pi Strategy Difference


Disrupting Strategy Itself

Shifts happen. The study or practice of strategy design is no different. The time-tested ‘classic’ constructs, such as Porter’s Five Forces and Competitive Advantage, that strategists have grown to love over the last few decades demand a rethink of their universality of application today.



World Economic Forum India Summit, New Delhi, India: pi Strategy Consulting was invited to present the key findings from one of its studies on challenges and opportunities in mobile financial services among the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) population. C-suite executives attended the session from the Telecom, Banking, IT, and Government sectors in Asia.



pi Strategy Consulting connects leading edge management practices with development priorities through innovative design thinking principles. The Firm’s 3.14 approach encapsulates its value proposition across three vectors: capabilities, focus area, and service offerings.